Design and Printing – FAQ
Question 1.What is the Biggest Dimensions AdWrap-it can print?
As wide as you like. We can print up to a maximum of 5 meters wide in a single run but we can join multiple prints to your required size.

Question 2. What file types can AdWrap-it print from?
We can print from most file types, but the standard we prefer is either a high quality PDF or EPS file.

Question 3. What materials can AdWrap-it print on?
Our standard materials are Banner Mesh, Banner Vinyl and Shade cloth. We can also print on other materials if required, though a sample might be required for testing.

Question 4. What is the expected life time of AdWrap-it’s products?
Our Prints and materials will last between three to five years depending on the climatic conditions they are exposed to and the finishing of the product.

Question 5. Without joining prints, what is the biggest size AdWrap-it can print?
47.5m x 5m

Question 6. Can AdWrap-it provide artwork and design services?
Yes we can, the cost of these services are included in our quote if a firm order is placed.

Question 7. What types of finishing can AdWrap-it provide?
Standard finishing types include hemming and eyelets, sail-tracking, anti-graffiti lamination and UV protection.

Question 8. What does AdWrap-it physically do in-house?
Most of the work is done in-house although some finishing services for larger banners and prints are outsourced.

Question 9. What printers does AdWrap-it use?
We have a 1.6m wide Mutoh 1604 for our smaller print jobs and a 5m wide Flora HJII 5000 for larger sized work.

Question 10. Does AdWrap-it charge per colour for prints?
No, we charge per lineal metre irrespective of the number of colours for standard coverage which is up to 50%. Rates differ for larger coverages. Volume discounts apply.

Question 11. What sizes of media does AdWrap-it stock?
We stock 3.2m, 2.5m, 2m, 1.8m and 1.6m in both banner vinyl and banner mesh and 1.6m and 1.8m Shade cloth. Other sizes can be ordered in.

Question 12. Can a customer supply their own media?
Yes, but we may require a sample to test ink adhesion.

Question 13. Does AdWrap-it provide proofs before printing?
Yes we do, we require customer sign off on all artwork prior to commencing printing.

Question 14. What types of ink does AdWrap-it use?
Both our machines use a two-year outside solvent ink but eco inks are also used when appropriate.

Question 15. How long does 100m take to print?
It depends on the type of print required and material used. For example 100m of full coverage mesh can take up to 3.5 hours to print.

Question 16. Can AdWrap-it arrange delivery?
We can arrange delivery throughout Australia.

Question 17. Do you provide sample prints?
We can supply sample prints. These are free of charge if an order is placed.

Question 18. Does AdWrap-it charge a “rush job” fee?
Our production schedule is planned weeks in advance, work outside of this schedule may incur an additional charge
Operations and Installations – FAQ
Question 1. Can you install signs?
Yes subject to site inspections and permissions. We can arrange permissions.

Question 2. Can you measure our existing signs to replace skins?

Question 3. What material is best suited for a temp fence?
It depends on whether the fence is braced or not. If the fence is properly braced we recommend banner mesh.

Question 4. What material is best suited for hoarding fences?
Banner Vinyl is best suited as this can be coated with an anti-graffiti laminate.

Question 5. Can you remove existing signs?
Yes we can, a site inspection may be required for estimating costs.

Question 6. What is your turn around time?
Depending on the job, am a turnaround time from approval of artwork and receipt of order to delivery of the order of up to two weeks would be standard.

Question 7.Can you wrap vehicles?
Yes, cast vinyl with marching laminate is used for full vehicle wraps.

Question 8. How do you wrap a building?
Buildings can be wrapped in several ways. A site inspection will be required after which proposals are submitted for client approval and engineering advice is sought if required. The most common method would be to use existing scaffolding or to manufacture framework to which the printed banner mesh can be attached.

Question 9. Do we need council permits?
It depends on local council regulations. Council must be consulted before any boards are erected or holes dug.

Question 10. What is the general height of a fence or temp fence?
Temporary fence height is generally 1.6m. Hoarding fencing is usually 1.8m or 2m in height but can be 3m high. We prefer to measure existing fencing to ensure that the print specifications are correct.

Question 11. Do you perform maintenance?
Yes, we provide a maintenance service appropriate to requirements. Maintenance can be scheduled or unscheduled and is billed accordingly.

Question 12. Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we guarantee the inks and materials and the installation are fit for purpose for specified periods of time subject to site environmental issues and extreme weather.

Question 13. What are your payment terms?
30 days for approved credit applications otherwise 50% with order and 50% on delivery.

Question 14. What is the lifespan of your Mesh?
Approximately 2 years depending on site environmental and weather conditions and the way the mesh is treated on site.

Question 15. What is the lifespan of your ink?
2 years uncoated. Up to 3 years in the Australian climate if a UV coating is applied.

Question 16. Do you have Public Liability insurance?
Yes up to A$20 million.

Question 17. Do you have a national service capability?
Yes, we have Business Development managers in NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD as well as strategically placed installers and maintenance crews all over the country.

Question 18. Can you design concepts for us?
Yes, our on-site graphic designers can create impactful artwork to achieve your marketing objectives.

Question 19. Can you manufacture signs to any size?
Yes, in most cases we are able to accommodate your size requirements. We have a 5m wide digital printer that can print a continuous runs of for example up to and exceeding 10km if required.

Question 20. Do you have products that are graffiti proof?
Yes we do. Material can be finished with an anti-graffiti laminate that facilitates the removal of paint.

Question 21. Do you only do work for larger corporations?
No, we cater for all areas of indoor and outdoor advertising whether for small or larger businesses.

Question 22. Can you make light boxes?
Yes, we most often manufacture LED and fluorescent light boxes for retail and development projects.

Question 23. Do you manufacture billboards?
Yes, billboards are manufactured to size specifications and site requirements subject to council permissions and parameters.

Question 24. Do you charge to quote?
No, unless the nature of the work necessitates advice or permits from Council or third-party engineers.

Question 25. Can you provide engineering certification for jobs when required?
Yes, we work with a network of qualified and experienced engineers.

Question 26. My sign has fallen over, can you fix it?
Possibly, a site inspection will be required for this.

Question 27. Can you build a hoarding fence?
Yes, subject to site inspections and council permissions.

Question 28. What is sail track and how does it work?
Sail track is used to secure printed banner to walls or billboards. The printed banner has rope edge sewn into all four sides of the material. This rope edge slides into grooves on the sail track which has been fixed to the wall or billboard. The installers will tension the banners to give it a tight, no crease look.

Question 29. Are your products UV protected?
Our mesh comes standard with a UV coating and our banner vinyls are rated for 5 years outdoors without UV coating but can coated for additional UV protection for the ink.

Question 30. Do you work on weekends?
Installations can be done over weekends if required.
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