GoldLinQ Visitor’s Centre (The Gold Coast Light Rail)

GoldLinQ was chosen to build and operate the Gold Coast light rail, Queensland's first ever light rail system. The 13km track is currently being laid throughout the high density shopping and business districts of Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

goldlina Visitors Centre

As part of their overall communications strategy, GoldLinQ were required to build a community information centre.

GoldLinQ enlisted the help of AdWrap-it to transform a humble 6m x 3m demountable shed into a replica of a light rail carriage. Not an easy feat!

Externally we built a wooden facade which was then ‘skinned’ with banner vinyl . Internally we built two archways to give the area definition and create the illusion of greater space. The walls were skinned with self-adhesive vinyl; then real seats, a ticketing machine and poles were installed to further enhance the ‘feel’ of being aboard an actual light rail carriage.


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